8 Commandments On How To Bathe A Baby

how to bathe a baby
It is true that newborn babies do not require to be bathed like older children but the process of giving them a bath should be executed properly. The skin of a newborn can become very dry so you must use nothing else other than a wet sponge. You should bathe your newborn baby with a lot of caution to eliminate chances of any accidents. Here are some tips on how to bathe a baby. In case, you want to know more about how to keep fresh in between bath times, then you can read this about how to baby care.

Different Methods On How To Bathe A Baby
Here are some methods you can use to give your baby a nice bath. You must remember to be very gentle at all times.
1. Bathing Using A Sponge
The stump of the umbilical cord remains stuck for at least three weeks, so you cannot really put the baby in the water. The best option would be to use a soft sponge and give your baby a bath. In case, you are thinking of how to bath baby boy, you can still follow the steps in this section.
  • The good thing is that your little one does not require a bath every day for the initial couple of weeks
  • You have to remember that excessive washing may harm the skin. Restrict the washing to the diaper area, neck and face
  • Use gentle movements to wipe your baby’s body and use suitable products
2. Using The Right Supplies
Since bathing a newborn baby is a very delicate process you will need to make sure that you have the right kind of equipment or the best baby bath products next to you. You must also find a suitable location to carry out the bath. Here are some steps to help you on the way.
  • Select a place that is very nice and warm with a surface that is completely flat like the bathroom or kitchen
  • You must have a pad meant for changing or even a soft towel will be enough
  • You will require a plastic basin to store water
  • You will need a new diaper, baby wipes, baby soap, cotton balls and a washcloth
3. The Bathing Process
After you have gathered all your supplies you can begin bathing your baby following a series of steps as mentioned below.
  • Newborn babies cannot control themselves so always give support with one of your hands
  • Take off your baby’s clothes and wrap a towel around and make him lay down face upwards
  • Start out by cleaning the face by using a wet towel, for this initial wiping do not use any soap. Use wet cotton balls if you wish to clean the eyelid areas and be sure to use very gentle movements
  • Just plain water should be fine but if your baby does not smell good then use a mild baby soap
4. Using A Sink Or Tub
After your baby’s umbilical cord comes off you may start bathing him or her using a sink or tub. Try to use a tub that is safe and suitable for a newborn. Here are some tips that you can follow.
  • You can always purchase tubs made of plastic from online stores. You could very well consider buying tubs that are inflatable and will fit inside your sink or bathtub
  • Try putting some kind of rubber mat to stop slipping
  • Fill the tub with at least 3 inches of warm water and always hold your newborn with one hand while placing him or her in the tub
5. Hold Your Baby Properly
If you want to successfully bathe your baby then you have to make sure you hold your little one in the right way. Different holding positions work differently for different babies, so take some time to find out what works for you and your baby.
  • Hold your baby securely but at the same time he or she should not feel uncomfortable, so go easy on your grip
  • Provide ample support to your baby’s torso and head using your arm and then use your other arm to wash him or her
  • Online stores sell many different kinds of bathing seats so you could invest in one of them
6. Never Leave Your Baby Alone

Please keep in minds that leaving a baby alone in the bathtub even for a few microseconds is a disaster waiting to happen and the same should be considered during a baby boy bath too! Here are some safety tips that you can follow.
  • To prevent yourself from leaving the bathing area, make sure you have everything ready with you
  • If for some extreme emergency you need to get out of the room then make sure that you have taken your baby out from the tub. There have been cases where babies have drowned in water that measures 3 cms
7. Watch The Temperature Of The Water
The temperature of the water is very important as you do not want to dip your little one into very hot water or too cold water. Here is how to do a temperature check.
Begin by adding some cold water to the tub and then add a bit of hot water. Make sure you mix the water well so as to achieve a uniform temperature all over. To monitor the temperature you could consider buying a thermometer. Ideally 36.6 degrees is the right temperature for the water.
8. Buy The Right Lotions And Soaps
The truth is you do not have to use soap every time you give your baby a bath, but you must make sure that the soap is mild and meant for babies.
  • Refrain from using soaps with strong fragrances and bubble baths. These can have an irritating effect on the skin of  a baby
  • Stick to a soap that acts as a moisturizer because it will stop the baby’s skin from becoming too dry
  • Typically a newborn baby will not need to use lotion once the bath is finished. However if you feel the need to use one make sure you go for one that is hypoallergenic
So, these are some of the things on how to bathe a baby. Make sure you are gentle about the whole process and the most important thing is that never rush the process. Handling a baby requires patience, besides it is fabulous way to understand your child and bond with him or her.

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