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A Bond Of A LifeTime With Baby Hygiene Care


baby hygiene care 
There is no doubt that keeping your baby clean at all times is important for his health but there a few things to consider.  A hygiene routine for your young kid involves a systematic process and nothing should be compromised. The whole process can be a little tedious and it may give you a bit of anxiety but here are some baby hygiene care tips that will make sure that your baby stays clean at all times. Here is how to go about the process and care for your kid.

Keep Your House Clean – As Part Of The Baby Hygiene Care
To make sure that your baby is exposed to good hygiene you must start my keep your surroundings clean at all times. This will reduce the chances of your child being exposed to bacteria and other germs. Here are some steps on how to proceed.
  • Begin by sanitizing the areas of your house that is used by your baby
  • You may consider using a special solution to disinfect the floor and kitchen area as it is a place where you prepare food. Do not forget to use the solution in the bathroom too.
  • Wash your kitchen utensils properly with warm water to make sure that there are no germ on them
Wash Your Child’s Toys
There is no doubt that babies tend to put toys in the mouth so you must make it a point to wash them on a regular basis. After you have washed the toys with normal water use a clean towel or tissues to clean them.
Change Diapers
Changing diapers is really important if you want your child to be hygienic. This needs to be done on a regular basis.  You must make sure that you wipe your baby’s backside with baby wipes this will eliminate chances of rashes.
Nail Care Routine
You must make sure that you trim your baby’s nails on a regular basis, babies tend to have sharp nails and they end up scratching themselves. You can try trimming the nails when your child is sleeping. Use nail scissors that a blunt tip.
Face Care
Young babies tend to have very sensitive skin and so you must use mild creams on their face. You can apply the moisturizer after a giving your baby a bath. Use only reputed products which are free from harsh chemicals. If your baby has acne like rashes on the skin do not be alarmed as this is common and it will disappear on its own. Moisturizers for kids are available online so you will not have trouble looking for one. While cleaning the eye area you must use a nice damp cloth this will help remove all chances of infection.
Clean The Nose

The nose area also needs attention so make sure you use a wet cloth to clean all the hardened mucus in the nose. Use gentle movements as you do not want your baby to feel any discomfort. Once you are done make sure you smack on some moisturizer. Clean the dried mucous deposit in your baby’s nose gently. You can use a damp soft cotton cloth to do so.

Skin Care
You may notice that your baby’s skin tends to peel and this is very normal so do not be scared. This happens because your baby’s skin is still getting used to the environment. After all you must keep in mind that for ten months the baby is in the womb so it it’s a different atmosphere all together. While you bathe your baby make sure you use a very mild soap this will prevent the skin from getting irritation.
Cleaning The Hair And Body
Washing your baby’s hair and body is very important and here is how to go about the whole thing.
  • There is a popular misconception that a baby needs to be washed every day; you must keep in mind that washing your baby can give him very dry skin. So try to keep the bath within three times in a week.
  • You must give the baby a sponge bath until the umbilical cord has fallen off. Once your baby begins to crawl about; please note that you will be required to clean the legs, hands and knees very often.  At this stage your baby will require regular baths.
  • When you wash the baby’s hair you should use baby shampoo and make sure it is from a good brand. Select a shampoo that is very mild and does not contain any chemicals.
Washing The Ears
Washing your infant’s ears is a delicate process so you must take the utmost care . Firstly you should be very gentle and not exert any pressure on the ears. Also do not use any ear buds as the feeling will irritate your child. If you notice that your baby is uncomfortable while you touch the years it could be an infection so call the doctor at once.
Keep Your Hands Clean
The biggest aspect of maintaining hygiene for your kid is to keep your hands clean at all times. As you will be handling your baby you must wash your hands with a nice soap that eliminates traces of bacteria. Please remember that if you do not use a hand sanitizer then you can pass on diseases like flu, diarrhea and colds. So please do was your hands after you have been to the restroom or changed diapers.
So if you have entered the universe of motherhood there is no reason for you to panic. Simply follow these baby hygiene care tips and you should not have any problems at all. However you must always remember to be gentle and patient with your baby. There is no denying that hygiene is very important as it determines your baby’s health. In addition to the basic cleanliness your child should be kept away from all kinds of deadly infection. So, make sure you go through the points well so that you have a clear idea on how to proceed. Looking after your child will also help you form a strong bong with her.

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