Cleaning Baby Eyes, Nose and Ears: Secrets That Were Not Revealed To You

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Cleaning Baby Eyes, Nose and Ears


There is no denying that babies can be very fragile so they have to be cared for. A good way to care for them is to keep them clean at all times. You must remember that if you keep your baby clean he or she will stay happy. The good thing is that you do not have to give your baby a bath on a daily basis but you can follow a routine that will keep their ears, nose and eyes clean. So, Cleaning Baby Eyes, Nose and Ears will also give you the chance to inspect your baby closely to see if there are patches of dry skin or god forbid any rashes. Here are is more on how to keep them clean all time and some tips for you to follow while you clean your baby.

Getting Started with Cleaning Baby Eyes, Nose and Ears
Your baby can be cleaned when you are giving him a bath. You simply need warm water. Do not use any harsh soap as babies tend to have sensitive skin and any soap  can dry it further.
  • Clean your baby’s eyes: The areas near the eyes are delicate so make sure that you use very gentle motion during the cleaning process. For this you may use damp cotton balls. You will notice that sometimes your baby’s eyes get stuck together this is not an uncommon thing to happen. Wiping the eyes with mild warm water can help minimize the situation. Sticky eyes can remain for many weeks but do not be alarmed with this as it is normal for babies.  If you want to free the blocked duct simply apply some soft pressure and massage the canthus area of the affected. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if the eye becomes red.
  • Clean the ears: The ears need to be cleaned properly as ear wax form in the outer area of the ears. The wax helps to keep the ears clean naturally and also adds protection to the inner areas. If the inner canals of the ears accumulate with a lot of wax there can be a lot of infection. So when you clean the ears you must use a wet cotton ball and wipe the outer ears. Use very gentle motion while you clean the ears.
Cleaning The Nose
Here are some of the steps you can follow to clean your baby’s nose. However you must be gentle so that you do not hurt the baby.
  • You must begin by boiling some filtered water
  • Add some table salt to the water and do not forget to mix
  • You must cool the mixture to room to room temperature
  • You always have the option of storing the mixture in a spray bottle, use a new dropper
  • Use this solution 4 times within 24 hours
  • Make sure you discard the solution after the third day
  • The mixture must be mild for infants and a bit stronger if you want to use it on a toddler

How To Clean Your Baby’s Face
Cleaning the baby’s face must be very carefully and here are the steps on how to do it.
  • You will need cotton balls
  • Get the cotton balls wet in warm water
  • Start by wiping the face area such as the forehead, the cheeks and the chin area
  • Use very gentle motion while cleaning the face area
  • Make sure you clean all the mucus near the nose area, do not put any cotton wool into your baby’s nostrils as it may hurt him
  • While you are wiping near the chin area  you must pay special attention to the folds in the skin
  • Finish off by patting the baby’s face very gently with a soft towel
So, these were all the tips that you need for Cleaning Baby Eyes, Nose and Ears. To get the very best results you have to be systematic and a little patient. You must have all the supplies right by your side before you begin. Also you if you are using products to clean your baby then use mild ones from reputed brands. Do a bit of research to locate reliable brands on the internet and before you buy these products go through the ingredient list to make sure they do not have any harsh chemicals. Cleaning your baby is a wonderful way to know your child and develop a bond that will last for a long time.

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