Easy Steps On How To Wash Baby Toys


 how to wash baby toys
how to wash baby toys
There is no denying that babies simply love to play with their toys but they are not aware that there might be germs attached to them. These germs can cause various infections. So you must clean your baby’s toys on a regular basis to make sure that your baby maintains a high level of hygiene. Here are some tips on how to wash baby toys.

How to Wash Baby Toys?

The procedure of washing is totally dependent on the type of toy that your baby has. Here are some ways to wash them.
Plush Toys
Read the label: Before you go ahead and wash the toy you must go through the label that is attached on the toy. Certain toys have very specific washing instructions and you need to follow them to make sure you do not damage the toy in the process. If the toy has no label then you will need to do some research on the internet.
Use a washing machine if required: Certain plush toys can be washed in a washing machine for example toys made of polyester and cotton. You may use a regular cycle and wash them with your clothes. The other option would be to wash them separately. Follow these steps to get the best results.
  • If there is too much dirt on the toys then you will need to use some baking soda before you put the toys in the washing machine. Also do not forget to add some white vinegar and then set the machine to a rinse cycle.
  • You may consider putting the toy through an additional rinse cycle to make sure all of the detergent is washed out.
Wool toys should be cleaned by hand: You must keep in mind that wool toys should never be washed in a washing machine but if the label mentions “felted”  then you can use a washing machine.
  • If the toys have too much dirt on them then you can contemplate in washing them in the bathtub. Use a soap that can be used with wool.
  • Never put these toys in the dryer as they will be damaged. Put the wet toys out in the sun to dry.
  • If the toy is not wool then you can use the dryer without any hesitation
  • Use a pillow case as protection if you put it inside a dryer. Set the dryer to 15 minutes to get the best results.
Washing Plastic, Electronic, Wood And Metal Toys
Follow these steps to do it properly. Don’t worry mommies, some of us don’t get it at the first time. That does not make us any less of being a mommy! You can read more about cleaning house with a baby about in here.
Plastic toys can be washed in a dishwasher: If it is an electronic toy then you should not put it in the dishwasher. Toys that are not in the electronic category and are made of plastic can be washed in a dishwasher. Here is how you should proceed
  • Firstly give the tag a good reading and see if the toy is okay for the dishwasher. If there is no information then you may assume that it can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Toys made of metal or plastic can be washed by hand. You can use any detergent to wash these toys.
  • After you have finished washing them you must place them on a rack to completely dry
Hand wash them using water and soap: If you do not have a dishwasher or you do not feel very confident in using it to clean toys then you should clean by hand. Get a rag and wet it with warm water and then wipe the toys. Make sure the toys are free from all stains. Follow these steps to get the best results.
  • Add some baking soda and white vinegar to a portion of water
  • Make sure you remove batteries from the electronic toys before you begin cleaning them. While cleaning these toys do not dip them in the water or try washing the inside. Simply wipe the outer surface of the toy.
  • You must rinse the toys well
  • Rinse the toys well before you finish washing them.
Use a Bleach Solution to sanitize them: You must always focus on disinfecting the toys while cleaning them. So, do not forget to use some bleach in the water and then use a rag to give the toys a final wipe with this solution. Here is how you should proceed.
  • The solution must settle on the toys surface for a couple of minutes
  • Make sure that the bleach is diluted
So, this is about all the information you need to know about how to wash baby toys. Do not rush the process of cleaning the toys after all you do not want your child to be exposed to harmful bacteria that could cause a string of health issues.

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