Sam and I

Samudrakshi (a.k.a Sam) is my 6 years old daughter and Get Clean Baby draws inspiration from her. Although, this is more about my parenting experience and things I have learnt over the past 6 years, yet she is the reason why I wanted to share my knowledge with others. She is the one who has inspired me to add another feather to my hat with this blog (apart from being a naval wife, mommy, nurse, caretaker, cook and lot more). Yes I have a couple blogs already running successfully (and am helping others too) but she made me write this one, as I wanted to focus on one thing – sanitization that is the building block of a healthy child.

As for me, I am Soumi Das Chatterjee a content writer with 16 years of experience and an avid blogger. Yes feel free to click the link above or Google me for more because honestly Google knows me more than my own family. Okay I love Google for this and equally trust it for this.

Get Clean Baby is more of a place where you will all answers for your sanitization questions. I believe sterilization is the basic thing that keeps a baby healthy. I have done that for all these years and I am still maintaining it. I will help you with cleaning tricks, tips and even products that actually work well. I know the apprehension of a new mom, who wants to do it right but is scared and does not where to start. My advice would be you are the mother and do, what you feel is right because, no one knows better than you.  

Over the next few weeks, I will be bringing you posts that primarily deal with keeping your baby clean. It could be anything, like right from cleaning the boogers, how to clean the boogers to tips on keeping your baby’s clothes clean. Okay, I have a confession, I am a cleanliness freak and this has provoked the conception of this blog. I would suggest, you stay tuned for my weekly posts. All you need to do is to read the posts and let me know what more would you want me to add through the ‘Comments Section’ without thinking too much. Click here to know more about how to Get Clean Baby now!