Secrets On How To Clean A Baby Tongue Revealed

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Healthy development and growth of little babies depend on many factors such as healthy lifestyle, prevention of disease and optimum nutrition. There is no denying that babies need special care and attention while cleaning their tongue as babies tend to get very upset during this process. Cleaning a baby’s tongue is not easy but with some amount of patience you can do a good job of it. A common technique used by parents to clean their baby’s tongue is my getting them to laugh. Here are some fabulous tips on how to clean a baby tongue. In case, you have missed our last entry on how to wean a baby, then feel free to read it now!

Tips on how to clean a baby tongue
The techniques of cleaning your baby’s tongue may vary greatly depending on the age. Here are some simple steps for your child under the age of 1:
  • Before you begin you must make sure that your own hands are clean
  • Pour warm water in a bowl
  • Take a piece of small gauze and fix it around your finger
  • Make sure you moisten it with the warm water
  • You may consider using tongue cleaners for babies, you can buy them in drugstores
  • To keep the baby distracted you can consider cradling him or her in your arms, this way you child will feel loved and so the tantrums can be avoided
  • Gently put your finger over the lips and het him or her to open the mouth
  • Once the mouth is open you can now very gently put your finger on the tongue and begin scraping in gentle circular motion
  • Once you are done cleaning the area of the tongue use your fingers to massage the teeth, gums and inner cheeks very gently.
  • Use gum cleaners to get rid of build ups, avoid using items that have fluoride in them as your baby can swallow it
  • If the cleaners  are not effective then do get in touch with your doctor
  • You must perform this procedure once every 24 hours right after your baby has eaten
  • You may also go for tooth brushes that are moistened to clean the tongue
  • Never use dentifrice as it can cause discomfort for your baby
Cleaning The Tongue Of Toddlers Aged Up To 5 Years

It is no secret that children up to the age of 5 years are unable to practice good oral hygiene unless they have adult supervision. Most dentists recommend that your baby gets their teeth and tongue cleaned at least two times in 24 hours. When your child is in this age group you can consider giving him or her a finger brush that is soft and moves on surface of the tongue effectively cleaning it. Once your child hits the age of 2 you can consider introducing a speck of tooth paste in the cleaning process. Do not exert pressure while cleaning the tongue as the taste buds can sustain damage. You should also make sure that your baby does experience and vomiting kind of sensation. Brush the gum area first and then get to the tongue.
Additional Tips On How You Can Clean Your Baby’s Tongue
Here are some additional tips that you should keep in mind while cleaning the tongue for your baby.
  • Consider using a soft cloth made of cotton and dampen it with warm water, however make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature as it can hurt the baby if too hot.
  • Try to force the baby’s mouth open by applying some force on the lip’s tip
  • You may find particles stuck to the baby’s tongue and in this case you may consider using a bit of toothpaste to get rid of these particles. This will also eliminate any bacterial growth in the mouth.
  • Now you must make sure that your child’s mouth is rinsed properly to eliminate any traces of toothpaste as your baby may end up swallowing residues of the paste.
  • While you are cleaning the tongue make sure that you clean the cheeks and teeth too as some babies throw up tantrums if they are made to undergo the same process again.
  • To tackle problems related to your kid throwing up tantrums you should visit a child specialist.
  • You should make it a point to visit a doctor on a regular basis just to make sure you are doing the right thing when it comes to cleaning the tongue.
It is seen that parents that not pay much attention when it comes to their baby’s oral care face tremendous amount of difficulties in the future. If the tongue area is not cleaned on a regular basis there are high chances of infections and advanced dental problems. The reason why doctors stress on cleaning the tongue either by a cleaner or by fingers because it removes all traces of bacteria very effectively.
Cleaning the tongue twice with mild brushing strokes will be ideal for your young baby. Also if you are using toothpaste for your toddler make sure that it is free from harsh chemicals, to be on the safe side take your doctor’s recommendation. In fact, following these tips on how to clean a baby tongue will see you through all the difficulties. Things will not be easy n the beginning but with time you will get the hand of things. It is very important that you get your child to incorporate this habit from a young age.

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