Stress Free Methods On How To Wean A Baby

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The word weaning may sound very complicated to you but it is actually getting your little baby switch to solid foods from milk. The very first steps of the process help to create a solid foundation for eating healthy food. During this stage you can actually train your little one to start using a spoon. You will notice that your baby will gradually learn to swallow and then chew the food. Here are some wonderful tips on how to wean a baby.

Get Your Baby To Eat Healthy While You Learn How To Wean A Baby
There is no doubt that young babies are always attracted to sweet foods but you should encourage them to eat vegetables. Experts have stated that vegetables help young kids to develop a strong immunity. So, you see it is very important to introduce them to the taste of different vegetables. The process of making your child eat vegetables will not be easy but it is worth pursuing.
Time Taken For The Weaning Process
Typically it will take about a month to train your kid to wean properly. The whole process is broken down into 5 stages to make things a lot easier. Some babies get used to solid foods very quickly whereas certain babies take a lot of time. So you must make sure not to rush the process at all. Instead of being forceful make it look like a game for children to keep them interested. The time taken for your weaning also greatly depends on your approach if you rush the process it could give rise to breast engorgement. Breast feeding is a very emotional thing for a mother but you have to gradually start weaning, as you want your child to start eating solid food.
Equipments That You Will Need For Weaning
While weaning your baby you will need a lot of patience as things may get a bit messy but most of all you will need the right kind of equipments to help you long the way. Here is a list of things that you will require.
  • Breakers
  • Trays that will hold ice cubes or medium sized containers
  • A food processor
  • A handheld blender
  • Clean cloth
  • Bibs
  • Plastic bowls and a set of bright feeding spoons
Weaning By Mother
This is the stage where a mother makes the decision to stop breastfeeding the baby and start feeding solid food. Initially the child will be very unwilling to participate. Recent survey has revealed that most mothers all over the world stopped breast feeding their kids half way through the beast feeding stage. Things will be a bit different in the beginning but with a little bit of patience you can master things. If you are not willing to get into weaning immediately then you need to contact a lactation consultant.
Mixed Weaning
In this category the baby is given baby formula with breast milk and if you are using a bottle, then read more about baby bottle sanitizer in here. This method is for those women who cannot breastfeed too many times because of a busy schedule.  You should know that there are certain cases where combined weaning is suitable. There are some babies that do not accept bottled milk or solid food. There are also babies who also do not want to be breastfed and prefer formula or solid food.
Weaning With Caution
This is by far the friendliest method to wean a baby, as you do not have to be forceful. Gradually reduce one session of breastfeeding and replace it with solids and formula. The slower you make the process your child will get accustomed all the changes.  This method also eliminates all risk for any breast complications.
 Baby Led Technique For Weaning
This is a technique used where you allow your baby to feed independently. In this technique you could introduce soft food perfect for their tender fingers.
Times When you Should Not Wean Your Child
There are certain situations as suggested by doctors and you must pay heed to his advice. Read about them below.
  • If you want to eliminate  allergies: Research has suggested that breast feeding for six months helps to keep away allergies such as wheezing, milk allergy and eczema. This will make sure your baby has a healthy child hood
  • Child’s health is not up to the mark: If your baby is not feeling too well then you should consider postponing the weaning session. Your baby will respond to the transition well if he or she is in good health so it is better to wait
  • A change has happened at home: You should refrain from weaning if you have moved houses as babies need time to get used to the new environment. Babies eating habits get disrupted in a new environment
Is It Good To Refuse Feedings While Weaning?
You must not refuse to breastfeed while weaning as this can have a negative effect. You must balance between the two very well. Get your child to eat solid foods by distracting him or her with toys. Make the whole process fun for the baby and do not be forceful after a session of weaning you must include a session of breast feeding too.
Experts have always suggested that you start weaning by using smooth texture, as this will be very easy for your baby to swallow. For soft food wait till your baby is at least 6 months old. At first your baby may not be able to manage but with regular practice things will get much better. If your child has been diagnosed with any kind of allergies it is best to consult a child specialist to chalk out a diet. Always get professional advice before you start weaning as it will help you have a very systematic approach and you can do it properly and care for your child the right way. Well becoming a parent is a special feeling no doubt follow these tips on how to wean a baby and develop a loving bond with your baby for a lifetime.

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